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Welcome to Cafe Culture + Insitu's Press Office

Insitu Furniture provides modern European and Australian designer furniture to the commercial, hospitality, institutional and residential market.

With more than 14 years’ experience, Insitu proudly maintains an industry position based on reputation and an exclusive representation of high profile furniture manufacturers from countries as diverse as Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain and the USA, as well as local Australian manufacturers.
Insitu forms partnerships based on a common ideal that honours purity of materials and constancy of form as a fundamental principle to manufacturing.

Insitu considers seriously its role and responsibility in ensuring its own and all partners engage in practices with best ecological and sustainable principles, underlining a holistic thinking towards a true environmental and energy revolution.
International brands include Plank, Saba Italia, Casamania, Alivar, Hussl, Zeitraum, Billiani, Alma Design, Casprini, Zilio-Aldo &, Lebello, and we are proud to support local Australian designers Life Space Journey, Ross Didier, Anchor Ceramics, Agostino & Brown, Xilo, Bluesquare, David Pidcock & Anaesthetic

A clear design aesthetic across the product range focuses on original design and product innovation using both modern and traditional materials, resulting in an extensive collection catering to projects of all sizes & budgets.

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